"As Above so Below, as Within so Without"



I am using the gift of my voice to write. My intention is to inspire you to create a better relationship with yourself so that you will have a better relationship with others

My vision is to speak and share my story  to inspire. Dedicating my voice to those of you who are working in the factories, 9-5 & dead end jobs just to eat, just to feed your families, that you will be ok.  

I am sharing the knowledge that I have found to be truth in my life.

The Truth that:

Simply by knowing that you are special & you have value, you are here for a reason, you can contribute to yourself and others in a profound way. This world would be different without you

By understanding and living the wisdom that comes from the connection to your higher self, your energy will take you to a place that your have never been before .

You will remember you are the creator of the life that you want & with that Truth you get to create a different story for your life. 

Please listen to what resonates with you and have fun creating.

I am living this, I am fine & so you will be. 

Much Love



"Yoga & Me" by Kartini W

This book is about yoga practice that will change your life in unexpected ways, magically I should say. Through getting to know your body, mind, and spirit you can discover the authenticity of who you are, like shedding skin or pealing off layers from your being to see who you REALLY are. That is energy of love. In life, whatever you are going through, your yoga practice will always guide you in some way to continue to connect to your true self. Understanding life just a little bit more each day. 

"Transformation of the self, through the self, to the self "by B.K.S Iyengar is real !

My experience of a personal yoga practice has been observing myself to feel, connect and see more clearly a little more everyday.

I feel happy for no reason,

my heart is open,

my body is healthier,

and begin to  eat , speak & listen more wisely.


I am getting into a better relationship with fear. I share myself with you here & in my book completely, with a whole and delicious intention.